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Member How-To Guides for Adding and Editing Content
How-To Guides have been included on the fellowships, internships, profiles, and job postings pages to clear up questions on how members can add and edit content.

Modified search bar
The design of the search bar has been compromised a bit to make it functional in IE. The problem seems to be that focus cannot be given to two elements at once in IE, so we cannot expand both the search text field and the containing div at the same time. So, I've made it so that we only need to expand the text field.

Redesigned Fellowships Page
The fellowships page now features a table with more information about each fellowship and a form for members to easily submit fellowships directly onto the site.

New Theme Implemented
Updated site with a new theme. Added more finishing touches to improve design and social media aspects. Making final preparations for public site launch.

Nations' Service Wiki Created
We have a website for Nations' Service - still being worked on.


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