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Deadline: 01/16/2012
Second Deadline: --/--/----
Fellowship type: Year-long
Location: Durham, NC
Fellowship website: Link to Program Website
School specific?: Not school-specific

Program Overview (from the program website):

The Autry Fellowship is a competitive fellowship program for talented and ambitious recent college graduates. It provides an opportunity to work for one year as a full-time, paid staff member at MDC. The Autry Fellowship supports the mission of MDC -to help organizations and communities in the South close the gaps that separate people from opportunity - by developing a cadre of young leaders who have experience promoting economic development, increasing equity and excellence in education, building inclusive civic cultures, and who are poised and ready to apply their new learning to benefit this region.

The Autry Fellowship celebrates the life and perpetuates the work of the late George B. Autry, founding president of MDC. For 32 years, he led MDC with a passion for improving opportunities for people and places struggling to keep pace with economic and social change.

The ideal Autry Fellow is open-minded and compassionate, curious and reflective, and deeply committed to advancing social equity and opportunity.

Qualifications include:

- the ability to communicate and work with people who have diverse backgrounds and experiences;
- the capacity to understand complex economic and social issues and communicate those issues clearly and persuasively;
- a commitment to MDC's mission;
- prior work or study in a variety of relevant areas, including public policy, education, economic and workforce development, poverty alleviation, sociology, political science, Southern studies, community development, leadership development, or a similar field;
- demonstration of leadership potential in the areas of interest;
- United States residency;
- candidates must be in their final year of undergraduate studies or have graduated within two years.

To date, there have been twelve Autry Fellows. The Fellow's time will center on learning MDC's strategies for promoting economic and social justice by participating in a variety of project teams.

Additionally, the Fellow will have the option of devoting a portion of time to a project-specific assignment determined jointly by the Fellow and MDC. This strategy allows the Fellow to continue working within his or her specific area of interest while becoming engaged with a variety of issues related to education, economic development and labor force preparation, income enhancement, and poverty reduction.

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