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Deadline: 4/15/2013
Second Deadline: --/--/----
Fellowship type: 6-month
Location: Atlanta, GA
Fellowship website: Link to Program Website
School specific?: Not school-specific

Program Overview (from the program website):

Business Development & Marketing Intern – Atlanta, GA USA
IDEX Fellowship in Social Enterprise seeks a short-term business development intern in our Atlanta office.

Location: Atlanta, GA
Start Date: Flexible (May 1st- May 16th)
Position: Full-time/ Internship
Program: IDEX Accelerator (IDEX Fellowship in Social Enterprise)

IDEX Fellowship started as an “Inkling” just three short years ago with a mission to develop a pipeline of experienced and knowledgeable practitioners for the social enterprise sector. Today, IDEX Accelerator is a career launch-pad for aspiring social enterprise practitioners. The six month program offers intense field experience and leadership training curriculum that equips fellows with the equivalent of two years marketable work experience that’s relevant to social enterprise employers.
Position Description

The intern will work closely with and report to the Program Manager (PM), based in our Atlanta office. The internship will be for 3-6 months with the option to extend depending on fit and needs of the organization. The intern is expected to provide solid and flexible support as needs change with shifting priorities and learning new skills quickly is a core competency that will ensure efficient transition between responsibilities. As such, the role provides an expansive opportunity to gain a broad set of professional skills.

As a member of the Business Development (BD) team, the intern would support the team’s work in prospecting new donors, university and corporate partners and building a strong community of influences and alumni supporters to advance IDEX’s mission. While working with the BD team, the intern will be exposed to many different aspects of the team’s work including donor relationship, fundraising, program management, database management and communicating IDEX’s core philosophies on Social Enterprise.

The intern will have specific responsibilities which include but are not limited to:

Business Development (60%)
• Fundraising strategy and support: working alongside the BD team to develop and research fundraising opportunities and develop strategies for cultivating donors in the US and across India;
• Advocacy and storytelling of IDEX’s mission and model: support the development of an alumni & advocacy strategy building support among various stakeholder groups.
• Creation of presentations and preparation of other IDEX collateral material;
• Data systems management;
• Charitable status analysis: analysis of extending IDEX’s US not-for-profit status to various Indian & African geographies;
• Program Management Assistance: Occasional work may be devoted to assisting on specific program management initiatives.

Marketing (40%)
• Developing media campaigns and strategies;
• Tracking and analyzing news about IDEX;
• Identify and cultivate relationships with thought leaders, key media personalities and publications in India;
• Support the development of IDEX’s 2013 Annual Report;
• Oversee the re-development of IDEX’s website and CommonThreadX platform;
• Support the refining and development of IDEX branding, messaging and stakeholder collateral;
• Write short articles and promotional materials;
• Manage social media outlets, creating event calendar listings, proofread content and execute other duties as assigned
• Provide support to India and US Director with content for external presentations;
• Develop and manage library of visual assets that tell compelling stories of IDEX fellow impact;
• Collaborate with US and India team to develop and disseminate press releases and identify emerging stories from within IDEX’s operations, alumni community and current fellow program impact.
• Ensure IDEX’s representation at relevant conference/workshops in US
• Engage in strategic partnerships with universities, policy/industry forums, and media to expand IDEX’s visibility and impact.
• Use other tools – such as social media, and videos – to further create awareness among relevant constituencies.

Candidates for the intern position should have a passionate commitment to IDEX's mission, a strong entrepreneurial spirit and excellent attention to detail. Strong candidates will have experience in both private for-profit and not-for-profit positions and will bring passion for the social enterprise sector either through academic study or previous work experience.
• A Bachelor’s Degree; Masters degree preferred;
• 3-5 years of work experience in a fast-paced environment with a demonstrated ability to work independently, proactively and deliver the highest quality product possible
• Self-starter who demonstrates the ability to take initiative, set goals and achieve them both independently and cooperatively as a team member;
• Tireless commitment and willingness to roll up one’s sleeves on tasks small and large
• Quantitative analysis skills and familiarity with concepts of finance/economics
• Facility with database software tools including Microsoft Excel, PowerPoint and an ability and interest in learn quickly on the job
• Experience in advocacy media and/or managing social media campaigns;
• Knowledge of online marketing strategies preferred;
• Creativity and collaborative thinking;
• Exceptional communication and relationship-building;
• Strong communication skills and ability to be a “storyteller” of our work;
• Ability to thrive when there is ambiguity, remain cool-headed when there are curve balls, and withstand the tests of a rapidly changing environment with resilience and resolve;
• Expertise in using power point and/or other presentation software to make high-impact and professional presentations;
• Excellent written and oral communication skills to convey IDEX’s objectives effectively;
• Commitment to accuracy, attention to detail, and follow-through with a focus on producing the highest quality product possible;
• Strong planning, organization abilities and attention to detail
• Excellent written and verbal communication skills
• Great sense of humor (really)
• Maturity, excellent interpersonal skills: courtesy, tact, patience and strong team orientation, assertive team player
• Commitment to, and enthusiasm for, the organization’s mission and business model, and respect for our core values: generosity, accountability, humility, audacity, listening, leadership, integrity, respect
• Ideally be familiar with the US philanthropy sector, social enterprise and impact investing
• Strong alignment and belief in IDEXs mission;.

Compensation: Selected candidate will be paid between $16 and $20 USD/hour (40 hours per week) based on experience. Top of Form

To Apply: Please submit your Resume/CV and a 1-page cover letter to moc.swollefxedi|rh#moc.swollefxedi|rh.

Deadline: Application deadline is Monday, April 15th

Application Timeline:
• Application Deadline April 15th
• Phone Interviews April 15th -19th
• Final Interviews April 22nd – 26th

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