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Deadline: 04/30/2012
Second Deadline: --/--/----
Fellowship type: Year-long
Location: Boston, Chicago, Cleveland, Columbia, SC, Columbus, Denver, Detroit, Little Rock/North Little Rock, Los Angeles, Baton Rouge, New Orleans, Miami, Milwaukee, New Hampshire, New York, Greater Philadelphia, Rhode Island, San Antonio, San José/Silicon Valley, Seattle/King County, and Washington, D.C., and international affiliates in Johannesburg, South Africa and London, England
Fellowship website: Link to Program Website
School specific?: Not school-specific

Program Overview (from the program website):

City Year unites young people of all backgrounds for a year of full-time service, giving them the skills and opportunities to change the world. As tutors, mentors and role models, these diverse young leaders help children stay in school and on track, and transform schools and communities across the United States, as well as through international affiliates in Johannesburg, South Africa and London, England.

To participate you must:

- Have a college degree or have attended some college, have a high school diploma or GED
- Be able to dedicate 10 months to full-time service
- Be between the ages of 17 and 24
- Be a U.S. citizen or legal permanent resident alien
- Have served no more than 3 terms in another AmeriCorps, NCCC or VISTA program
- Agree to a background or security check

Previous experiences with service, tutoring, mentoring or leadership help strengthen candidacy.

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