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Fellowship type: Year-long
Location: China
Fellowship website: Link to Program Website
School specific?: Not school-specific

Program Overview (from the program website):

A passion for education. A passion for Disney.

Our Foreign Trainers combine the art of Disney storytelling with breakthrough teaching methodologies to spark a child's passion for learning English. With an interactive learning process that immerses children in their favorite Disney stories, songs and characters, Foreign Trainers create a fun, lively, and effective learning environment for learners at Disney Learning Language Centers throughout China.

Foreign Trainers deliver curriculum to children ages two through twelve that has been developed under the guidance of an advisory board of world-class academics. This board includes internationally recognized English language learning specialists and early childhood development experts as well as artists, musicians and Grammy Award-nominated songwriters. Passionate about children and their development, our Foreign Trainers have the opportunity to make a difference in the life of a child while participating in a unique opportunity that could be the experience of a lifetime.

Foreign Trainers have the opportunity to:

Participate in 12 to 15 month contracts
Work with children ages 2 through 12
Discover an exciting new culture
Experience working with a world renowned company

Hear from a few of our Disney English Foreign Trainers

"Seeing my students' faces light up when they are having fun in the classroom is my favorite part of my job. I work with an awesome staff that really brings the Disney name to life – no day ever really feels like work." – Jordan

"I have had the wonderful opportunity to help open 4 Disney English Centers since joining DE in June 2008. Overall, my time with Disney has been a truly enriching experience. I have grown as a teacher, manager, and even a lot of skills I developed at work have carried over into making my personal life even better." – Katie

"Parents that listen to the Disney English CD with their children whenever they can greatly improve their English skills. It could be in the car ride to school in the mornings and afternoons or when you are at home – every little bit counts. Singing is also one of the easiest ways to remember new words and it's fun! The songs are catchy and you'll find yourself singing along too, even when you're not listening to the CDs!" – Hillary

"For me, the best moments I've had came from being recognized for my hard work, as well as being able to recognize others who have contributed to our growth and success. For me I feel most proud about being a part of something, not only personally life changing, but also globally life changing. It's about making an impact, a positive change in the world." – Kimberly

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