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Fellowship type: 2-year
Location: Boston, MA
Fellowship website: Link to Program Website
School specific?: Not school-specific

Program Overview (from the program website):

FAO Schwarz Family Foundation Fellowship - Circle of Promise Program Assistant

Position Description

LIFT seeks a driven and independent leader to serve as Program Assistant for LIFT’s Circle of
Promise partnership through the FAO Schwarz Family Foundation Two-Year Fellowship
Program for recent college graduates.

LIFT-Boston is a community-based nonprofit organization that operates three resource centers
in the Greater Boston area to help low-income individuals and families obtain the resources and
services needed to become economically self-sufficient. As a partner with the City of Boston’s
Circle of Promise Initiative, LIFT-Boston provides services to parents of Boston Public School
children with a focus on giving low-income families tools to support their children’s success in
school as well as their own economic independence. The Program Assistant will focus their
direct service delivery and project work on families within the Circle of Promise.

Requirements and Qualifications

- Commitment to LIFT’s mission and core values.
- All majors and career interests are encouraged to apply.
- Proficiency in Spanish, Cape Verdean Creole or Haitian Creole preferred.
- Strong leadership and interpersonal skills.
- Flexibility, ability to take initiative, and a commitment to being a team player.
- Future leaders in the education, youth development and human services field.
- Dynamic, driven, recent college graduates looking for a challenging, multi-faceted
- Able to contribute to and benefit from ongoing training and leadership development
opportunities facilitated by the Fellowship program.
- Interested in simultaneously balancing “on the ground” direct service work with “behind
the scenes” capacity-building projects.

Key Details

The Fellow will:
• Work one-on-one with Circle of Promise community members to find jobs, secure safe
and stable housing, enroll in public benefits and tax credits, and obtain referrals for
services like childcare and healthcare.
• Assist Circle of Promise community members in engaging with LIFT’s Financial
Opportunity Center focused on long term financial stability and asset development.
• Attend meetings and trainings that address local and national poverty issues.
• Engage the Circle of Promise community by building and strengthening partnerships
with schools and community organizations.

• Strengthen LIFTs resources to meet the needs of Circle of Promise families.

Expected time breakdown:

• Direct Service (50% time): The Fellow will provide support to ~10 parents across the
following issue areas, according to each family’s needs and goals: employment,
housing, public benefits and tax credits, and referral services. In addition, the Fellow will
work with high school aged youth and children by providing: afterschool tutoring and
mentoring; post-secondary education opportunities; vocational opportunities/workforce

• Project Work (50% time): The Fellow will focus on designing a needs assessment of
parents and family members including children and teens, and implement solutions to
address identified needs. Through this process the Fellow will design curriculum and
trainings and identify resources that will better support families and their children with a
focus on high school aged youth and children.

Fellow Mentorship:

The FAO Schwarz Family Foundation Fellow will benefit from having a mentor from the
Foundation and from participating in two training and reflection retreats a year. These training
opportunities, which consist of three-day fall and spring sessions, will be a signature effort of the
Fellowship and will be designed to ensure that FAO Schwarz Family Foundation Fellows across
several leading organizations can share their experiences and expertise and benefit from
discussions with leading youth development professionals and experts in organizational
development, policy, and education. The training sessions will rotate among the three cities in
which the FAO Schwarz Family Foundation Fellows work: Boston, New York City, Philadelphia.

Salary and Start Date:

The FAO Schwarz Family Foundation Fellow will receive a compensation of $57,000 over the
two-year Fellowship and a competitive benefits package. Salary will consist of the following:
$27,500 salary for the first year; $28,500 salary for the second year and a $1,000 bonus at the
end of the two-year Fellowship program. While flexible, all FAO Schwarz Family Foundation
Fellows are expected to begin their service on or before September 4, 2012.

How to Apply

Interested graduating college seniors or recent college graduates should email a resume and
thoughtful cover letter, both in Word format, outlining how your skills and experience meet the
qualifications of the position and stating how you heard about this opportunity. Submit your
completed application to gro.seitinummoctfil|diastopt#gro.seitinummoctfil|diastopt. Applications will be reviewed on a rolling

LIFT believes that diversity in all dimensions of the organization supports and bolsters the
innovative thinking essential to its success. LIFT does not make hiring decisions on the basis of
race, ethnicity, national origin, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, socio-economic
background, age, disability, religion, political affiliation, or ideology.

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