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Deadline: 3/1/----
Second Deadline: --/--/----
Fellowship type: 6-month
Location: Across India
Fellowship website: Link to Program Website
School specific?: Not school-specific

Program Overview (from the program website):

IDEX is thrilled to announce that we are now accepting applications for the July 2015 Global Fellows Program! IDEX is developing the next wave of "social intrapreneurs" who will support, lead and advance the work of socially-focused enterprises around the world! IDEX Fellows undergo six months of leadership and business development training by working full-time for social enterprises across India.


We are searching all corners of the world for individuals who are committed and passionate about having a high-impact career and advancing the social impact space. We seek college graduates and professionals who have a proven track record of leadership and are seeking to use their education and skills to address social and economic challenges for under-served populations.


Apply Online at
Application Deadline - March 1, 2015
Fellowship Start Date - July 6, 2015

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