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Deadline: 03/10/2012
Second Deadline: 01/18/2012
Fellowship type: Year-long
Location: Various
Fellowship website: Link to Program Website
School specific?: Not school-specific

Program Overview (from the program website):

Based in four core values—social justice, simple living, community, and spirituality—the Jesuit Volunteer Corps offers women and men an opportunity to work full-time for justice and peace.

Living simply in intentional communities of fellow JVs, they work in education, advocacy, direct service, and community service in 39 US cities and in six other countries. They reside in the same environs as those they serve: people who are low-wage earners, homeless, unemployed, refugees, diagnosed with AIDS, elderly, street youth, former gang members, abused, mentally ill, developmentally disabled, and others who strive to find justice in their lives. Almost 300 schools, nonprofit agencies, and grassroots organizations across the world count on JVs to provide essential services.

For decades, JVC has worked in collaboration with Jesuits, whose spirituality the JVs incorporate in their work, community, and prayer life. The JVC experience opens the minds and hearts of JVs and those who support them. After JVs complete their full-time volunteer obligations, they live ever conscious of the struggles faced by those they've met. They are committed to the Church's mission of promoting justice in the service of faith.

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