Massachusetts Legal Assistance for Self-Sufficiency Program

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Deadline: 01/01/2012
Second Deadline: --/--/----
Fellowship type: Year-long
Location: Massachusetts
Fellowship website: Link to Program Website
School specific?: Not school-specific

Program Overview (from the program website):

The Legal Assistance for Self-Sufficiency Program will place 25 AmeriCorps members with an interest in public service law in participating legal services organizations throughout Massachusetts. Members will work under professional supervision in providing legal assistance to low-income people in civil (non-criminal) matters. Members will be exposed to a wide range of legal assistance activities beginning with initial client contact and eligibility determinations, to case development, negotiation, hearing and appeal. The following civil law areas are commonly practiced in participating legal services organizations: - Housing - Domestic Relations/Domestic Violence - Education - Income Maintenance and Health Benefits - Legal Problems of Elders - Immigration - Community Group Representation AmeriCorps members will also conduct legal education and outreach activities, as well as developing volunteer resources for their legal service organization. Members will have defined responsibilities for completing training, conducting case activities, and fostering volunteerism.

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