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Fellowship type: 6-month
Location: Princeton, NJ
Fellowship website: Link to Program Website
School specific?: Not school-specific

Program Overview (from the program website):


McCarter Theatre Center for the Performing Arts is a nationally recognized, non-profit performing arts organization which presents an annual series of theater, music, dance and special events. McCarter's outstanding theater series was the recipient of a Tony Award for Outstanding Regional Theatre. Over 200 events are produced annually at McCarter. Located in Princeton, New Jersey, McCarter Theatre is merely 50 miles from either New York or Philadelphia and reaches an audience of approximately 200,000 throughout the tri-state area. McCarter's budget exceeds $10 million dollars per year, and the Theater employs approximately 150 people at the peak of the season.


Originally constructed in 1929, McCarter Theatre resides on the Princeton University campus. While the University owns the building, McCarter Theatre independently operates the building and maintains control over the programming. The auditorium seats 1,078 people and in 1992 an extensive renovation of the facility was completed. In conjunction with the Princeton University Department of Theatre and Dance, McCarter opened the 360 seat Berlind Theatre in fall of 2003.
The newly constructed production shops (scenery, costumes, and props) are located within three miles of the theater.


The internships are post graduate, full time, season long positions. McCarter Internships are for individuals who desire a challenging practical experience in the real world, and for those who are willing to devote their full energies to the internship. Since hours and duties vary with different departmental assignments, taking on additional work outside of the internship may be difficult, and will be permitted only in cases of need. After an initial orientation period, McCarter interns can expect that they will assume staff level responsibilities under the direct supervision of a Department Head. Interns can also expect to perform basic, everyday tasks for the benefit of the theater, such as answering phones, staffing student matinees, assisting the marketing and development departments with poster runs, etc. Administration interns will also assist in the box office. These tasks are not the primary focus of the internship, but are essential for the smooth operation of the theater. Interns are given the opportunity to learn how each department contributes to the whole of McCarter through seminars with department heads. Interns are also invited to attend selected staff, board and committee meetings to increase their understanding of how a large regional theater operates.

Academic Credit:

Individuals who are interested in a career in professional theater and who are no longer in college, graduate school or in a formal training program are encouraged to apply to the program. In some cases, semester-long internships can be arranged. Academic credit for such programs is at the discretion of the sponsoring college or university and is arranged by the individual intern. The appropriate McCarter supervisor evaluates the intern’s performance as required by the college or university.


All interns receive a weekly stipend and a limited number of interns are eligible for shared housing in Princeton. It is possible for some interns to obtain employment within the theater for additional compensation such as working in our Company Store during performances and Front of House positions that would not conflict with regular intern duties. The normal duties of the internship must be completed before extra work can be taken on.


Travel expense to and from McCarter is the responsibility of the intern.

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