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Deadline: 03/31/2012
Second Deadline: --/--/----
Fellowship type: Year-long
Location: Honolulu, HI
Fellowship website: Link to Program Website
School specific?: Not school-specific

Program Overview (from the program website):

Mentoring At Punahou

Punahou School offers a new teacher mentoring program in grades 9 – 12. This yearlong program is designed to give support, training and experience to college graduates who are considering teaching as a career. Applications are reviewed in all departments.
Mentoring at Punahou (MAP) provides teachers who have little or no teaching experience an opportunity to develop teaching skills in a supportive environment and gives mentor teachers an opportunity for their own professional growth. Participants in the MAP program are full-time teachers; while learning about teaching, educators in MAP assume professional independence and responsibility as members of Punahou School's faculty.

Each new teacher accepted for the program will work closely with a mentor. During the first semester, the new teacher will teach two sections within his or her discipline, will team teach another section with the mentor, and will attend a weekly support group and seminars in the art of teaching. The reduced course load allows the teachers in MAP additional time for reflection, planning and visiting other teachers' classes. Teachers in the program will also keep a portfolio of materials that reflect professional growth and success.

In the second semester, the new teachers teach their third section independently rather than with their mentors. The relationship with the mentor will continue, but not necessarily on a daily basis. The MAP director will continue meeting with the new teachers in the weekly support group and seminars.

New teachers will be encouraged to work one or two seasons in a co-curricular activity and will be reimbursed separately for this work in accordance with Punahou's co-curricular pay policy.

Application and Selection

Punahou sends information about MAP to career placement offices at about 75 colleges and universities. Prospective teachers complete an application, send a resume, and have official transcripts and three letters of recommendation forwarded to the MAP Program Director.

Each year, about 80 candidates complete applications for usually six positions. All applicants have earned at least a bachelor's degree in their fields and have been successful academically, many of them qualifying to teach in more than one department.

Department heads and mentors work together in the hiring process to ensure that the new teacher and mentor are well matched. The selection committees look for confident candidates who seem genuinely interested in learning to teach and who demonstrate a tendency to be reflective and imaginative.

Since 1992, Punahou has hired teachers in the MAP Program in the mathematics, science, English, language, art, social studies, psychosocial and chapel programs.


Compensation for new teachers accepted into MAP includes a stipend (currently $22,000) and health benefits. The school will make every attempt to provide MAP awardees with rental housing below market value. Applicants should understand, however, that the cost of living is comparable to, and even higher than, the cost of living in cities such as New York and San Francisco.

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