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Fellowship type: Year-long
Location: Dedham, MA
Fellowship website: Link to Program Website
School specific?: Not school-specific

Program Overview (from the program website):

We select six to eight Fellows each year to work in a variety of departments ranging from English, History, Math, Classics and languages (Spanish, French, Latin, and Japanese) to Administrative Fellows in admissions and diversity initiatives. In some years we also hire in the areas of Drama, Technical Theater and Visual Arts. The specific fellowships offered will depend upon the School's needs for the coming academic year, and those needs may be determined any time between early February and early summer.

Teaching Fellows begin their commitment to the School in late August with an orientation program, which focuses on the School's mission, philosophy of education, methods of classroom teaching, and the logistics of the Nobles school day and year. Classroom Teaching Fellows are also expected to attend AISNE or other workshop over the summer or in September. Except for winter and spring vacations, the Fellowship is a full-time commitment until early June. A stipend of $18,500 is paid to Fellows on a twelve-month basis, including health and dental insurance, beginning in September.

Teaching Fellows typically have responsibility for teaching one course, either as solo instructor, or working with a faculty mentor. Some teaching fellowships involve progressively increased teaching opportunities over the course of the year. However, each Teaching Fellow’s course load is different as it depends upon the needs of his/her department. All Teaching Fellows work three seasons in our Afternoon Program in athletics, theatre, or community service. Fellows may live on campus (for which they are required to do one evening of dorm duty a week as well as four weekends of duty a year in our five day boarding program). If Fellows choose to live off campus instead, we do not supplement the Teaching Fellow stipend to help defray expenses.

The Nobles' Teaching Fellow Program is different from that of many schools in that we believe in the development of individual young teachers by giving them limited classroom responsibility from the outset with significant mentoring, evaluation and support. Fellows are assigned a faculty mentor within their academic department and also are supported, observed and evaluated by a member of the Faculty Evaluation Team. Thus, while working in the classroom throughout the year as teachers, our Fellows are also students of education, learning not only from their faculty mentors but also from self-examination of their own work.

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