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Fellowship type: Year-long
Location: Open-ended
Fellowship website: Link to Program Website
School specific?: Princeton

Program Overview (from the program website):

Each year, ReachOut 56-81-06 awards two fellowships to graduating Princeton seniors to take on a year-long public service project after graduation. Candidates for the ReachOut 56-81-06 fellowships join with a public service organization of their choice to devise a year long service project. The fellowship program has been around since 2002 and is funded with donations to ReachOut 56-81-06. The current fellowship amount is $30,000 per fellow.

ReachOut56-81 is an effort by members of the Princeton Classes of 1956 and 1981 to underwrite the performance of valuable public service by graduating seniors, generally for the benefit of small existing non-profit organizations. It was initiated by ’56 class members ten years ago, and to date over 125 classmates have contributed fund to sustain its activities. The program became trans-generational in 2008 through the joint venture established with members of ’81. In addition to granting fellowships, the organization engages in a number of other community service activities (discussed below).

Candidates for the traditional domestic ReachOut56-81 Fellowship perform their own research to find a suitable public service organization in the United States that will agree in advance to make a position available. The candidate and the organization then work together to devise a significant project or function for the year of the award.

"Since ReachOut56-81 furnishes the $30,000 of funds to pay the Fellow's living expenses during the year," said James Freund '56, who is co-chair of the Fellowship process with Jean Telljohann '81, "we prefer to select organizations that wouldn't be able to afford the help otherwise. We consider this an excellent means by which our financial contribution serves a real purpose, through the energetic efforts of a talented public-spirited graduate."

Candidates for the 1956 ReachOut International Fellowship (which also awards $30,000 to the recipient) can present project proposals to be performed anywhere in the world, with or without a sponsoring organization. Special weight is given to projects of social significance that are innovative, creative and/or entrepreneurial. According to Jean Telljohann ’81, in this second year of its existence, over a dozen worthy applications were received for the international fellowship, several of them involving two-person projects.

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