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Fellowship type: 6-month
Fellowship website: Link to Program Website
School specific?: Not school-specific

Program Overview (from the program website):

The AmeriCorps(A*C) CLDP is a two phase program. The first phase focuses on Corpsmember (CM) experience, while the second phase focuses on leadership development.

During the first phase of the A*C CLDP CM’s are placed on a crew of their peers and mentored both by senior Crew Leaders and SCC Program Staff. The crew will be introduced to: conservation projects and technical skills, crew-based community living and camping, outdoor environmental education and SCC’s CM Development process to include goal setting and evaluations.

The second phase of the A*C CLDP focuses on direct experience. During the second phase, the A*C CLDP CM’s will actively practice and role model crew leadership skills under the mentorship of the Crew Leader and SCC Program Staff. Members may be placed in leadership opportunities on a variety of projects and crews depending on the region and season in which they are serving. Leadership opportunities may include positions on conservation crews, youth crews, specialized technical crews and/or individual projects. At this point, the A*C CLDP members will be challenged to assist with member trainings, build positive crew dynamics, coordination of member development activities, and project site leadership.

The A*C CLDP program strives to provide meaningful trainings to all participants during their term of service. The trainings vary depending on region, season and project work. Trainings may include: Crew Leader Training, SCC-Facilitated Technical Trainings, S-212, crosscut training, basic tread and drainage, advanced rock work, Wilderness First Aid (WFA) and Leave No Trace (LNT).

AmeriCorps Education Award

Crew Leader Development Program corpsmembers who complete the full term of service will be eligible for a $2,362.50 (minimum) AmeriCorps Education Award. Additionally, current student loans can be put into forbearance during the term of service.

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