Account Manager

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Job: Account Manager
Organization: Entrepreneurial Finance Lab
City: Middle East, South Asia, or Western Africa
Job Posting Link:
Field: Economics
Position Type: Full-time Job
Minimum Experience: 2-3 years
Deadline: N/A/N/A/N/A

The Account Manager (AM) will be responsible for managing EFL’s relationships with our clients across the Middle East and South Asia. Additionally the AM will support business development initiatives and represent EFL at conferences in the region as needed. Finally, the AM will be joining a start-up atmosphere that requires employees to perform additional tasks as needed to support the overall growth of the organization.

About EFL:

EFL (the Entrepreneurial Finance Lab) is a high growth, disruptive financial-services company which has created a breakthrough technology to identify high-potential entrepreneurs. Currently in use in developing countries across the world, the EFL Application allows banks, incubators and other financial institutions to measure risk and potential among the un/under-banked. In short, EFL helps banks lend to entrepreneurs in the developing world.

EFL’s progress to date:

Private Sector – Multi-year contracts with several of the largest banks across Latin America and Africa.
Public Sector - International recognition and support from governments and DFIs, in particular the G-20 & IFC.
Social Enterprise – Collaboration with internationally-renowned organizations (Technoserve, Endeavor, etc.) as well as regional and in-country non-profits and NGOs.

About the Position:

EFL’s technology was built from field research compiling several thousand credit-application results across various countries on 2 continents over 3 years. Our credit-application volumes in Sub-Saharan Africa alone are expected to increase by 50x over the next 24 months. In MESA, EFL has agreed to partnerships in Saudi Arabia, Egypt, India as well as Pakistan. EFL’s goal is to have a minimum 1 partner fully implemented (lending directly against our tool) by the end of the year with 2 more in pilot phase. These clients and markets are central to EFL’s impact and success; the AMA will be directly responsible for managing all aspects of these relationships, from training and implementation to marketing and sales and service.



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