Administration Officer

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Job: Administration Officer
Organization: The Mango Fund
City: Kampala, Uganda
Job Posting Link:
Field: Economics
Position Type: Full-time Job
Minimum Experience: 2-3 years
Deadline: 03/31/2012

Impact investment fund in East Africa
Excellent career development opportunity emphasizing administrative, accounting, and business
analysis skills

Organization Description

East Africa, as with much of the developing world, has a “missing middle” of growth oriented investment
funds. There are many players seeking to make investments below 5,000 USD (typically called
“microfinance institutions”) and above 100,000 USD (typically considered “private equity” firms).
However, there are few established players that will provide private investment in the range of 10,000-
50,000 USD. This is the “missing middle” and the segment that the Mango Fund is servicing.

Mango believes that the success of emerging, growth-oriented businesses that seek investment at the
level described as the “missing middle” is crucial to the economic development of East Africa. These
small to medium sized businesses are often nearing the tipping point of becoming relatively large
established market players. As these businesses grow, they create employment opportunities that have
compounding positive socioeconomic effects on the development of the communities in which they
operate. Mango seeks to help these businesses get to and over that tipping point.

More specifically, Mango Fund is focused on those businesses that leverage technology to perform value
addition activities within their base countries. Our hypothesis is twofold: 1) local value addition keeps
capital within local economies, and 2) the development of more advanced technical capabilities
facilitates entry to more robust global markets.

The Mango Fund is a non-profit impact investment fund or venture philanthropy fund that seeks to
maximize in country returns for the fund and provide positive social impact for the people of East Africa.
The ultimate goal of the fund is to create a sustainable in-country business model.

Statement of Motivation: The Mango Fund is a faith-inspired organization. We draw our motivation to
serve from our faith in Jesus Christ. And following Christ’s example, we are compelled to engage across
religious, ideological, and cultural lines.

Nonprofit/International Development
Administration, Accounting, and Client Services
The Mango Fund
Administration Officer
Kampala, Uganda (English required)
Due May 31, 2012 – reviewed on a rolling basis

The Mango Fund – East Africa
Uganda (+256) 77 7432660 l Kenya (+256) 71 7177288 l gro.dnufognam|ofni#gro.dnufognam|ofni

Job Description

The fund was founded in May of 2011. Therefore, all staff members have the chance to do significant,
meaningful work as the team works to shape the impact potential of the fund and the effectiveness and
efficiency of the organization.

An Administration Officer will help to shape and actively participate in the following activities as Mango
serves its markets:
• Client/Partner interface: This includes: communicating and meeting with clients and partners to
gather information about investment opportunities; collecting/distributing payments; authoring
important client documents; scheduling meetings with clients for the investment team.
• Investment interface: Administration officers will participate in a variety of tasks associated with
lead sourcing, due diligence, contract development, and consulting services. Administration
officers will participate in and support the funds efforts at every step of client relationships.
• Accounting: An Administration Officer will be responsible for maintaining accurate accounting
records for all financial transactions of the fund in Uganda. This includes: client transactions,
imprest/cash accounts, expense reports, etc. An Administration Officer will also draft monthly
and quarterly reports of the accounting records for Uganda.
• System Development: Critical to the success of the fund is the need to develop and maintain
strong systems for administration and finance. An Administration Officer will help to create and
shape these systems for optimal effectiveness and efficiency.
• Other Operations: As a start-up, it is expected that all people, including Administration Officers,
will help with a variety of additional operations, legal, marketing, accounting, and administrative
activities to assist in the development of the organization.


At least 2 years of strong work experience in administration and accounting/financial
Diploma or degree required. Bachelor’s degree in business, accounting, or finance strongly
Leadership and initiative: able to identify problems, come up with solutions, and execute those
solutions independent of significant direction from their supervisor.
Eagerness to be a part of a groundbreaking start-up. Start-ups are unique in their ability to
provide a seemingly endless amount of work. Candidates should be eager to wear many hats
and put in significant hours to help build the organization and its impact.
Language: English required, French desired

Preferred Start Date: Flexible

The Mango Fund – East Africa
Uganda (+256) 77 7432660 l Kenya (+256) 71 7177288 l gro.dnufognam|ofni#gro.dnufognam|ofni

Contract Details: Beginning compensation for contracted Administration Officers is between 400,000
and 800,000 USH/month depending on qualifications. Successful applicants will initially be invited to join
Mango on a casual basis for 30 days. Applicants who perform adequately over that period will be invited
to join Mango on a 6 month probationary contract based on performance. After that period, depending
on performance, applicants may be extended additional contracts.

Career development: This is a career track role with ample opportunity for advancement within Mango
Fund into different and larger roles of responsibility.

Employees can expect quarterly management consulting-style career reviews and constant feedback.
Your manager will invest significant time in your career development.

Application Process: Please send the following to gro.dnufognam|tnemyolpme#gro.dnufognam|tnemyolpme: cover letter, CV,
scanned copy of highest certificate or degree earned. Successful applications will be invited to interview.
All applications should be submitted by May 31, 2012. Applications will be reviewed and interviews
extended on a rolling basis.



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