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Job: Impact Associate
Organization: Mobius Motors
City: Nairobi
Job Posting Link:
Field: Engineering
Position Type: Full-time Job
Minimum Experience: 2-3 years
Deadline: 06/27/2012

We are seeking a minimum two year commitment from an exceptional early career design/engineer generalist to lead human centered design research, customer financing partnerships and monitoring & evaluation of our social impact – a truly unique opportunity to create diverse impact on a global scale. The role will require a close working relationship with the venture’s CEO, Automotive Designer, Automotive Engineer, Marketing Associate and future strategy and finance teams. Specific duties include, but are not limited to:

Human Centered Design

1. Plan and lead first-hand buyer and end-user research in order to discover consumer insights that both inform and inspire design and innovation of future prototype vehicles.
2. Determine users physical, financial, cognitive, social, emotional, and cultural needs; including uncovering unmet, ambiguous or disparate user needs and clearly framing these insights to enable the design team to develop imaginative and appropriate prototype solutions.
3. Facilitate design team through analysis and synthesis of buyer and end-user research, helping to distil, consolidate and structure the most important insights and link them together in frameworks, principles and implications for on going prototype design.
4. Communicate human centered design insights and opportunities verbally and visually in a way that generates empathy, emotion and engagement from the design and marketing teams and Mobius leadership.
5. Support future-focused product ideation sessions and capture output for continuous design exploration; including longer term product category/mix roadmaps based on deep and broad consumer profiling.

Customer Financing

6. Liaise with local banks, international MFIs and internal sales team to develop a deep understanding of loan/credit products available to customers in Kenya and East Africa.
7. Identify key partner lending institutions that may offer financing to our customers to purchase Mobius vehicles and determine the financial and non-financial terms of such an engagement.
8. Facilitate the negotiation of attractive end-to-end partnership agreements with select finance institutions and Mobius leadership.
9. Maintain strong relationship with partner financing institutions and work with sales team to ensure potential and current customers have ready access to the appropriate finance channels.

Monitoring & Evaluation (M&E)

10. Define key indicators to monitor commercial and social impact of Mobius vehicle usage against an on going timeline; including sales team performance, vehicle performance, buyer behavioural change and user socio-economic advantage.
11. Assess the effectiveness and efficiency of sale/distribution activities, outputs and outcomes; and adoption/diffusion of key product innovations, reporting on major constraints and opportunities.
12. Develop and implement simple, structured and relevant tools to effectively monitor and evaluate our commercial and social impact against defined indicators.
13. Maintain dialogue with all key actors within and outside the company to gather data leading to performance assessment of the output, outcome and impact of our intervention.
14. Ensure monitoring tools are updated regularly and compile reports concerning on going commercial and social performance.
15. Deliver clear and structured periodic documentation outlining M&E analysis; including processes, challenges and lessons learned from M&E.
16. Communicate key M&E stats within the company and support the development of funding and partnership proposals, specifically on content concerning commercial and social impact.
17. Conduct training and support all staff on M&E and identify continuous monitoring priority areas for the company.


An ideal candidate should be empathetic, passionate, curious, articulate and entrepreneurial with a natural skill to engage with people at a deep level. They should possess a sincere interest in representing the human and humane perspective along with the ability to prioritize multiple tasks and take initiative regularly. They should be rigorous, pragmatic and on-the-ground solution focussed – not overly academic.


- Bachelors Degree (minimum) in Mechanical Engineering, Industrial Engineering, Industrial Design, Automotive Design, Product Design, Business or similar
- 3.4 GPA or higher from a top university worldwide
- 1-2 years related experience in design, engineering, marketing or branding
- Strong design research methodology understanding; including research planning, field work methods (e.g. interviews and observation), online research methods and synthesis
- Excitement to work in the field and deep inquisitiveness, curiosity and empathy for others
- Ability to tell compelling stories and get people out of their seats
- Ability to challenge conventions and inspire teams to translate observations into great ideas
- Ability to strategically plan and lead teams of international and local Kenyan staff through to executional success
- Ability to lead cross-functionally; coordinating, leading and communicating information clearly
- Exceptional attention to detail and high quality deliverable outputs
- Ability to analyse and solve complex problems
- Ability to grasp complex concepts and systems quickly, and express them in simple ways
- Ability to multi-task in a fast paced environment and to remain graceful under pressure
- Ability to deal with ambiguity and make sense of multiple data sources that may sometimes be contradictory in nature
- High degree of resourcefulness; looking beyond the normal channels of information to dig out data necessary to understand the market potential of the opportunity
- Ability to effectively communicate timelines and project progress with both internal and external management teams
- Ability to take ownership and accountability of project timeline and results
- Proficiency in Excel, Project, Power Point and Word
- Exceptional written communication skills
- Exceptional presentations skills, including excellent oral communication skills
- High sense of drive and urgency in achieving our vision
- Ability to adapt to a dynamic working environment and work within a diverse team
- Extreme patience and a good sense of humour
- Exceptional interpersonal skills to work effectively with others
- A start-up personality; entrepreneurial, ambitious, independent, systematic attention to detail, structured thinker, goal-oriented, flexible and able to deal well with setbacks
- Comfort with extensive travel throughout Kenya and longer term throughout East Africa


- Masters degree (or higher) in Business Administration (MBA), Mechanical Engineering, Industrial Engineering, Industrial Design, Automotive Design, Product Design, Business or similar
- 3-5 years related experience in design, engineering, marketing or branding
- Passion for the automotive industry and social enterprise in Africa
- Fluency in Kiswahili (the national language of Kenya)



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