Manager - Learning, Monitoring and Evaluation

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Job: Manager - Learning, Monitoring and Evaluation
Organization: Twaweza
City: Dar es Salaam, Tanzania
Job Posting Link:
Field: International Development
Position Type: Full-time Job
Minimum Experience: 6-7 years
Deadline: 06/20/2012

Twaweza is recruiting a competent and motivated individual for the post of Learning, Monitoring and Evaluation Manager. Our work embodies a respect for intellectual curiosity and a commitment to learning; effective monitoring and nimble feedback loops; and rigorous, independent evaluation that tests particular hypotheses and assesses impact. What we learn is used to interrogate our cherished assumptions, tweak and adapt our work and that of our partners, and contribute to global knowledge in a clear and accessible manner.

We are recruiting a competent and motivated individual for the post of Learning, Monitoring and Evaluation Manager.

Overall Role

Develop a culture of learning, innovation and reflection within Twaweza and among partners. Promote learning within and beyond Twaweza through research, reflection, and communication. The primary vehicle for learning is the external evaluations of Twaweza. The external evaluations are composed of a number of studies which require coordination and feedback loops at various levels. The secondary vehicle for learning is monitoring, involving continuous critical reflection
through observation, documentation and sharing of lessons. Communicating lessons and engaging with global learning effectively is key to this role.

Specific Responsibilities

1. Develop an innovative framework for learning, monitoring and evaluation with the strategic guidance of the Head of Twaweza;
2. Be overall responsible for monitoring and evaluation, as well as learning, documentation and creative communication of lessons that can stimulate learning and debate;
3. Develop innovative monitoring tools and approaches that fit with and support Twaweza’s and partners’ way of working;
4. Manage the monitoring of data needed for the three areas of our work (Twaweza’s own programs and initiatives, Twaweza’s partners’ work, and media monitoring); ensure system works, is continually updated and providing value to users;
5. Liaise with the programs and other Twaweza units across East Africa to enable effective information flow and sharing;
6. Assist in the design and supervision and coordination of studies that might be undertaken by external groups and/or PhD students;
7. Ensure that Twaweza’s monitoring data is effectively shared with external evaluators;
8. Facilitate learning from, and communication of, evaluation studies within and beyond Twaweza, through a series of structured events and publications;
9. Critically engage with Twaweza’s internal learning activities, in particular the immersion, staff learning sessions and learning of interns;
10. Track initiatives and feedback insights into Twaweza’s programs; advise senior management on how to strengthen program effectiveness.

General Responsibilities

1. Successfully implement above responsibilities and assigned activities (and associated budgets) in work plans, consistent with Twaweza Policies
2. Contribute effectively to planning, monitoring and reporting of your unit’s work within Twaweza’s systems
3. Comply with and foster adherence to the established Twaweza policies, regulations, guidelines and procedures.
4. Participate actively in organization-wide learning and other joint activities.
5. Undertake any other lawful tasks as may be assigned by the Supervisor.

Core Qualifications and Attributes

1. Real intellectual curiosity;
2. Master’s degree in relevant field minimum, PhD preferred;
3. Minimum 7 years working experience, preferably some in developing countries;
4. Strong experience in monitoring and evaluation of complex social change processes, both qualitative and quantitative aspects;
5. Conceptually strong, demonstrated affinity with the thinking behind the Twaweza overall program and learning concept;
6. Excellent writing, communication and networking skills in academic, policy and development contexts; publication in academic and/or media contexts will be considered; fluency in English (required) and Swahili (preferred);
7. Ability to work with and inspire colleagues;
8. Organized, effective management skills, can get things done and deliver quality results on time; high productivity rate.

Changes and Amendments

This job description may be amended by Twaweza after consultation with the employee and the supervisor.

To apply

Twaweza is seeking to fill this position as soon as possible. If interested please send a) your CV, b) a substantive cover letter explaining your motivation for the job, c) 2-3 samples of your writing, d) 2-3 letters of reference or names/contacts of referees. Please apply to gro.azewawt|sboj#gro.azewawt|sboj with ‘LME Manager application’ in the subject line. We will start to review applications on June 20, 2012 and close the application process as soon as we have identified and agreed terms with a suitable candidate.



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