Urban Green Engineer

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Job: Urban Green Engineer
Organization: Broadcove Ventures
City: Liberia
Job Posting Link: http://www.broadcove.com/
Field: Engineering
Position Type: Full-time Job
Minimum Experience: 0-1 year
Deadline: //

There is currently an OPIC funded Green Housing project (http://www.ecohomesliberia.com/) going on in Liberia launched by Broadcove Ventures (www.broadcove.com) and my wife, Aisha, is the lead architect under the direct supervision of Jim Brenner (www.broadcove.com/people.html). They need a civil engineer who can be a recent grad who understands rainwater collection, alternative waste management, and general urban green solutions technology. All expenses would be taken care of, but this is just an amazing resume builder for a Princeton grad. Details of compensation (as mentioned, expenses are covered but I'm not sure how much more than can offer right now) can be worked out once interest is shown, but this is an amazing networking, hands-on experience that could not be more relevant in the world today.


AJ Whitman - Princeton '01


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