What is the purpose of the profiles and who should add one?

The profiles provide a space for you, no matter what field you may currently find yourself in, to reflect openly on the work you do and how you got there in the context of the issues you are passionate about and the world around you.

They’re intended to paint a fuller and more relatable picture than a work summary on a career networking site and cast light on the interesting and difficult choices you make in work and life.

Submitting a profile is an opportunity for you to share what's really important to you for an audience that is seeking that information out.

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Name Job Current City School
Carolyn Chan '11 Michigan State University
Mohit Agrawal '11 Economics graduate student at the National University of Ireland, Galway Galway, Ireland Princeton
Yoni Binstock '10 Operations Coordinator at DailyFeats Cambridge, MA Rollins College
Abigail Bowman '11 Fulbright Scholar at Boğaziçi University Istanbul, Turkey Princeton
Lindsey Breuer '11 Editorial Assistant at a young publishing company New York City, NY Princeton
Meghan Bruce '05 Policy Advocacy and Communication Specialist at ACTwatch, Population Services International Nairobi, Kenya Princeton
Tim Callahan '07 Chief Operations Officer at re:char Nairobi, Kenya Princeton
Thomas Chen '09 Economic Officer, U.S. Embassy Ghana Accra, Ghana Princeton
Kok Hou Chia '11 Research Analyst at Acumen, LLC San Francisco, CA Princeton
Adrienne Clermont '09 Program Coordinator at International Youth Foundation Baltimore, MD Princeton
Carly Cline '10 unemployed Benbrook, TX Princeton
Nathan Edgerton '07 Curriculum Developer and Teacher at The Knowledge Bangkok, Thailand Princeton
R.W. Enoch, Jr. '09 Free-lance Musician & Music Rights Expert Los Angeles, CA Princeton
Michelle Hensley '80 Artistic Director and Founder of Ten Thousand Things Theater Company Minneapolis, MN Princeton
Steph Hill '10 Yard Hand at Ellice Recycle Ltd. Victoria, Canada Princeton
Katie Hsih '10 Medical Student Baltimore Princeton
Rachel Jackson '11 Reporter at Main Justice Washington, DC Princeton
Theresa Laverty '10 Research Assistant for a MPI Mountain Gorilla Project Ruhija, Uganda Princeton
Bryan Locascio '11 Boston, MA Princeton
Kita McCord '04 CEO of Give Social, LLC Washington DC Princeton
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