Adrienne Clermont '09

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Name: Adrienne Clermont
Job: Program Coordinator at International Youth Foundation
Current City: Baltimore, MD
School: Princeton - Class of 2009
Major: Woodrow Wilson School
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After Princeton

After graduating from college, I spent a year working for the UN World Food Program in Benin (West Africa) through the Princeton in Africa fellowship program. Following this, I spent three months interning with Tomorrow's Youth Organization in Nablus, Palestine. This on-the-ground experience in the Middle East allowed me to get my current job, as a Program Coordinator at the International Youth Foundation (based in Baltimore, MD). I now help to manage projects across the MENA region, including in Palestine, Egypt, Algeria, Morocco, and Tunisia.


Even though it's not always fun, network like crazy, follow up on connections, and do informational interviews. These are all helpful for in the job search — although at the same time I will say that I got my current job through a cold application (no connections whatsoever to the organization). Spend lots of time looking at job listings on Idealist, Reliefweb, Devex, and other sites. Apply to as many jobs as you possibly can — even those that don't fit your interests perfectly — because writing cover letters and doing interviews is always great practice.

Definitely consider fellowship programs like Princeton in Africa. There is no better way to gain entry into the professional world — and you'll be entering at a much higher level than you would otherwise (e.g. working directly in the field for an organization like the UN or the IRC). You'll also get way more support and assistance than you would if you were doing it on your own.



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