Alex Thompson '11

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Name: Alex Thompson
Job: Associate at FloThinkery
Current City: Nashville, TN
School: Princeton - Class of 2011
Major: Near Eastern Studies
Social Media:


1. Find your passion
2. Live abroad

At Princeton

When I started at Princeton, I knew that I wanted to explore two things: entrepreneurship and the Middle East. So while taking Arabic classes, playing varsity soccer, and navigating the Street, I co-founded the TigerSnacks arm of, which I operated with a friend from the soccer team during my sophomore year.

During my entire junior year and summer, I studied and worked abroad Egypt. I had a fantastic time, and my Arabic improved tremendously. This also set the stage for my next entrepreneurial endeavor. I founded, which was a service that allowed students to find affordable housing, new social circles, and various happenings in Cairo even before they left their home country. I operated this from my dorm room my senior year, and helped my clients get in touch with family in the States during the January 2011 revolution. Unfortunately the business model became significantly less viable in the face of an ongoing revolution.

After Graduation

After working at an internet start-up,, in Massachusetts, I am currently working at an investment syndicate, FloThinkery, in the Great State of Tennessee.


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