Mary Oakley Strasser '11

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Name: Mary Oakley Strasser
Job: English Teacher with Princeton in Asia
Current City: Hangzhou, China
School: Princeton - Class of 2011
Major: English
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After Princeton

Seeing as it's been less than a year since graduation, it's fair to say I am still figuring out my plans and searching for a job that fits my passions. I applied for Princeton in Asia in December of senior year because it seemed to be a popular choice for people who didn't know exactly what they wanted to do and who maybe weren't qualified for too many other jobs. I got placed in Hangzhou, and here I am! Living in Asia has been a wonderful experience so far, and I am planning to stay for at least another year. In terms of finding jobs for next year, my search has so far been limited PIA reapplications and online searches for NGO jobs.


You know that rush in the fall when everyone you know seems to be applying for consulting jobs? I wish I had known that doesn't matter. I also wish I had gone to more of the open houses offered throughout my four years with information about career opportunities. Applying for jobs is an exercise in patience and waiting, but I do wish I had started applying for summer jobs/internships while I was still waiting on full-time opportunities. I got a job starting in the fall, and by the time I found out, all the summer jobs in my hometown were taken (not that there were many to start). I suppose I should have looked into other locations too, but I wanted to spend that time at home before leaving for Asia, so I ended up jobless (well, a part-time nanny) for the summer because I had waited too long.


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