Meghan Bruce '05

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Name: Meghan Bruce
Job: Policy Advocacy and Communication Specialist at ACTwatch, Population Services International
Current City: Nairobi, Kenya
School: Princeton - Class of 2005
Major: Molecular Biology
Social Media:

My Story

I decided to move to China upon graduating, mostly because I hadn't had a chance to study abroad and I thought that it would be a great chance to have an adventure rather than settling into a career. Of course, I ended up staying three years there rather than the one year I had planned on, increasing my language skills immensely and meanwhile learning a lot about working abroad. I have since stayed abroad and subsequently worked in the UK and now Nairobi, Kenya since graduation.

My Advice

I would recommend finding your passions as an undergrad and being persistent about pursuing them. It would have been easier to switch to a different, more medically-relevant major, but I have developed a passion through my experiences at the intersection of engineering and medicine. I decided to pursue that, and I think I will be better for it in my career and life.

Helpful Hints

I think there are a couple key points—the first is to start networking (alumni network and thesis advisors/other professors and previous employers can be incredibly helpful!) as soon as possible. I started searching for my job in January and did not finalize it until August! Second, do not expect that you will be doing the job that you are hired for during your entire career. Get started with something related to what you're interested in and then work very hard getting to know people, finding a mentor, and attending as many meetings as you can. Don't be afraid to contact people who seem to be doing what you'd like to be, and don't be depressed by their lack of responses. Sometimes it may take several months and then an email will come out of the blue!


I am happy to be contacted by people with an interest in languages and working abroad, particularly in the field of global public health. My email is moc.liamg|ecurb.nahgem#moc.liamg|ecurb.nahgem. Hope to hear from some of you!

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