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Name: Turk Thacher
Job: President, Baker Industries - Nonprofit Workforce Development Program
Current City: Malvern, PA
School: Princeton - Class of 1966
Major: Basic Engineering
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The purpose of our 32-year old workforce development program is to integrate low-income, vulnerable adults (people with disabilities, former substance abusers, ex-offenders, and homeless people) into the workforce. Through real work at one of our two facilities as well as our temporary employment program, we aim to instill a strong work ethic in our population and build their self-esteem and work skills to the point where those who are able are ready to move into the real workforce. Each year, depending on the level of work that is outsourced to us, we touch the lives of between 200 and 400 individuals from the five county Philadelphia Metropolitan Area, of which an average of 61 workers are able to successfully transition into becoming independent and productive members of their communities. For those who are unable to be mainstreamed, we provide long-term employment at one of our two work sites (Malvern and Philadelphia). We believe there is no other organization in this country that does what we do, i.e., blending these four, very different types of individuals in a work training program, and doing it without any government support.


Turk Thacher, gro.seirtsudnirekab|krut#gro.seirtsudnirekab|krut
Baker Industries, Inc.
184 Pennsylvania Avenue
Malvern, PA 19355

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