Yoni Binstock '10

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Name: Yoni Binstock
Job: Operations Coordinator at DailyFeats
Current City: Cambridge, MA
School: Rollins College - Class of 2010
Major: 2011 - MA in Energy and Environmental Analysis (Boston University)
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After college

After graduating college in 3 years, I spent a summer volunteering in a rural village in India. Afterwards, I went to Boston University graduate school and received a MA in Energy and Environmental Analysis. At the same time, I launched a startup called Play2thefuture. I know work at a web startup called DailyFeats.


I wish I knew the skill of job hunting. Most people don't realize that job searching, networking, building your resume, interviewing, and negotiations are all skills. Like any other skill, the more your practice the better you get. Unfortunately, we don't get much practice until the skill is demanded. So I would recommend learning these skills as soon as possible.

For a college senior

I would recommend two things. One, travel as much as possible outside the United States and two, get rid of the television.

I haven't had a television in 5 years and it forces me to work on creative projects which help me personally and professionally.


You can contact me at moc.liamg|kcotsniby#moc.liamg|kcotsniby

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