PrologueTV is a series of short interviews filmed by Richard She '12 featuring students who did a variety of interesting summer internships.

Eleanor Elbert '12 (Art History) - The Sierra Club from PrologueTV on Vimeo.

0:41 What's the day to day work at the Sierra Club like?
1:22 What were your favorite moments of working at the Sierra Club?
1:47 Were there any challenging or frustrating moments?
2:51 How did you come upon the Sierra Club internship?
4:14 How has your internship informed your future career plans?

Ryan Shea '12 (MAE) - ZocDoc from PrologueTV on Vimeo.

2:08 What was your role at ZocDoc?
3:28 What were your favorite experiences working for ZocDoc?
5:39 What advice do you have for someone trying to get a job at a startup?
8:10 How can I work at a startup if I'm not a computer science type?

Chris Payne '12 (ELE) - SLAC National Laboratory from PrologueTV on Vimeo.

1:33 What were your favorite memories from the summer?
3:12 What were the most challenging or frustrating parts of your job?
5:20 8 weeks is a very brief period of time when it comes to science. What could one hope to accomplish in that time?
7:18 How did you become interested in engineering and clean tech in particular?
9:28 What's your advice on how to get a good internship?
13:14 So what's next for you? What are your broader career goals?

Meg Partridge '14 (CEE) - Mpala Research Center, Kenya from PrologueTV on Vimeo.

3:40 What was your favorite experience in Kenya?
6:24 How did this project arise from your interests?
9:53 How has your experience in Kenya informed your future career plans?

John Shakespear '12 (Comp Lit) - David R. Godine, Publisher from PrologueTV on Vimeo.

3:39 What were your roses, your favorite part of the job?
5:20 Other than reading the slush pile, any other favorite moments?
7:26 What were your thorns, the less attractive aspects of your job?
11:05 How did you become interested in publishing? How did you get a job in the industry?
14:58 What's next for you?

Sanchali Pal '12 (Economics) - Ministry of External Affairs, India from PrologueTV on Vimeo.

2:55 So what was it like to work for Dr. Tharoor?
5:02 Were you also able to contribute to Dr. Tharoor's more formal correspondence?
7:01 What were the challenging or frustrating aspects of your job?
11:09 What are your post-graduation plans and how did you arrive at them?

David Perel '12 (Politics) - CPEX Real Estate from PrologueTV on Vimeo.

2:00 So what does writing a report actually entail?
5:35 What were your favorite moments from the summer?
6:52 Were there any particularly difficult or frustrating moments?
7:32 Did you enjoy living in Brooklyn?
9:29 So how did you come about this internship?
10:20 How did you settle on doing a real estate startup?
11:38 How has this job influenced your future career plans?

Audrey Pullnow '13 (Philosophy) - Personal Growth from PrologueTV on Vimeo.

2:43 What are your plans for your next summer?
4:16 What do you think you might do after graduation?

Alexis Brown '12 (Visual Arts) - Norfolk Artist's Residency from PrologueTV on Vimeo.

1:03 What are your favorite moments from your artist's residency?
2:59 Were there frustrating or challenging moments as well?
4:29 What inspired you to apply to an "artist's commune?"
8:33 How has your Norfolk experience informed your future career plans?

Faaez Ul-Haq '12 (Computer Science) - Google from PrologueTV on Vimeo.

2:41 What's the work culture at Google like?
4:08 How did your interests lead you to working at Google?
7:31 Do you have any tips for how to best pursue a job at Google?
8:55 How has your internship at Google informed you future career plans?
12:06 How does being an international student affect your future career plans?

Alexander Pease '12 (Physics) - HackNY from PrologueTV on Vimeo.

3:07 What does the process of prototyping a game look like?
4:24 What kind of opportunities does HackNY provide besides pairing you with a startup?
5:12 Were there any frustrating aspects to your internship?
6:33 So how did you originally become interested in the startup world?
8:22 What advice would you give to those who are hesitant to work for startups?
10:28 Do you need to be an all-star programmer to succeed in the startup world?
11:53 What are the most important lessons that you took away from HackNY?

Carmina Mancenon '14 (ORFE) - Zithulele Hospital, South Africa from PrologueTV on Vimeo.

1:08 Tell me about your work in S. Africa
1:50 So what does doing a research project actually entail?
5:49 What were the most challenging aspects of your experience?
9:36 How did you go about getting your internship?
11:30 How did your summer experience influence your future career plans?

Kyle Edwards '12 (WWS) - Harvard Law School, Office of Public Interest Advising from PrologueTV on Vimeo.

2:47 What was your favorite interview that you did for your career guide?
4:31 Were there any particularly frustrating or challenging aspects to the job?
5:32 What led you to pursue this internship, and what did you take away from it?
7:19 How did you go about looking for summer opportunities?
8:19 How has your internship influenced your future career plans?

Jay Qi '12 (MAE) - NASA Jet Propulsion Lab from PrologueTV on Vimeo.

3:52 What was your favorite part about working at JPL?
5:22 What were your biggest challenges or frustrations?
6:46 How did you become interested in working at JPL?
8:52 So what's next for you?

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