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Fellowships and Internships


Meghan Bruce '05 - Policy Advocacy and Communication Specialist at ACTwatch, Population Services International
Steph Hill '10 - Yard Hand at Ellice Recycle Ltd.
R.W. Enoch, Jr. '09 - Free-lance Musician & Music Rights Expert
Theresa Laverty '10 - Research Assistant for a MPI Mountain Gorilla Project
Abigail Bowman '11 - Fulbright Scholar at Boğaziçi University
Jane Yang '11 - Princeton in Africa Fellow (Programs & Grants) at the International Rescue Committee
Tobias Rodriguez '11 - Social Media Specialist at Planned Parenthood Federation of America
Lindsey Breuer '11 - Editorial Assistant at a young publishing company
Bryan Locascio '11 -
J. Mia Tsui '11 - Elementary Athletic Coordinator, America SCORES Boston
Alex Thompson '11 - Associate at FloThinkery
Emily Sullivan '11 - Bicycle Mechanic and Private SAT Tutor
Turk Thacher '66 h41 - President, Baker Industries - Nonprofit Workforce Development Program
Adrienne Clermont '09 - Program Coordinator at International Youth Foundation
Mary Oakley Strasser '11 - English Teacher with Princeton in Asia
Catphuong “Cathy” Vu ‘11 - Fellow with Upenyu Health Group
Michelle Hensley '80 - Artistic Director and Founder of Ten Thousand Things Theater Company
Kok Hou Chia '11 - Research Analyst at Acumen, LLC
Tim Callahan '07 - Chief Operations Officer at re:char


Development Officer - Princeton AlumniCorps

Job Boards

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